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Här kan du ladda ner kallelsen till årsstämman 2020. Stämman kommer att äga rum under mediadagarna 2020 den 24 till 26 April på Hotell Kusten i Göteborg.

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Greetings and welcome to the July 2015 issue of the CMFE newsletter! We want to share with you recent news and reports: Ofcom (UK) help small stations join digital radio Sweden rejecting DAB and retaining FM Civil Dialogue Meeting in Brussels Report: Civilmedia 2015: “UnConference for Community Media & Civil Society“ Swiss voters approve change in licence fee model CMFE in Strasbourg: CDMSI Press release: Coexistence of DAB+ and DRM+ standard in Wallonia, Belgium? New Chairperson for EPRA CAPTCHA Creative Approaches to Living Cultural Archives 3rd of May 2015: Let Journalism thrive! Read more about it:  Ofcom (UK) announced trials to help small stations join digital radio Ofcom announced in February 2015 trials of a new technology that could provide small radio stations across the UK with an affordable way to broadcast on DAB digital radio. If the trials are successful, UK radio listeners could benefit from more local and community radio stations on DAB. Currently, the cost of broadcasting on DAB […] Read on our site…» Sweden Joins Finland Rejecting DAB and Retaining FM by Christer Hederström, Stockholm, Sweden The Swedish government has announced it will not go ahead with plans to replace FM radio with digital DAB+ broadcasting. The Swedish minister of culture and democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke says that there is not enough support for introducing digital radio. Among the main reasons for retaining FM is that […] Read on our site…» Civil Dialogue Meeting in Brussels CMFE-board member Judith Purkarthofer attended the Civil Dialogue Meeting in Brussels on 15th of June 2015. In the course of the one-day meeting, 41 participants from a broad range of NGOs discussed how the “Europe for Citizens” programme can contribute to promoting Citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education. Closely […] Read on our site…» Report: Civilmedia 2015: “UnConference for Community Media & Civil Society“ 7-9. May, 2015. Salzburg Participant’s Report by Gabriella Velics, vice-president, CMFE Civilmedia is always a perfect occasion to meet community media practitioners. That is well known for anybody who was there in previous years. This year (the seventh Civilmedia!) was special from many angles, which shows rejuvenation and civil creativity together. Financial: Always a key-point. […] Read on our...

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IFPI har i dagarna skickat ut ett mail till alla närradioföreningar med uppmaning att skicka in musikrapport, NRO medlemmar ska inte skicka direkt till IFPI utan till NRO. Skickas till ordforande@nro.se

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