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Av den maj 3, 2021 i Auto |

View this email in your browser Editorial Dear AMARC Europe members, colleagues and friends, A tiring and confusing year lies behind us. Covid-19-pandemia is affecting our lives and our work europe wide and after one year we’re again in the middle of another pandemic wave. Despite the long silence, we haven’t been idle. AMARC Europe is following project work with SMART Trainers and Soundroots, finalising its contribution to Grassroot Wavelengths project and is currently trying to apply for other funding. We have also faced structural changes in our staff. Our project officer Alexander Voivoda left the organisation last summer. We’d like to thank him for his work and engagement in the development of AMARC Europe. With the ending of the Grassroots Wavelength project Mariacristina Sciannamblo, who was employed as project staff, is continuing her academic career and our thanks also go to her for her great work! The biggest change in personnel in the recent history of AMARC Europe is the departure of Francesco Diasio, our longstanding Secretary General. After many years of tireless commitment to our organization, Francesco has stepped down from his position to bring his expertise to the FAO. He will continue to accompany us and help us achieve a successful transition to new structures. We all know and never forget how much Francesco gave to AMARC Europe and what our organisation must be grateful for! And personally I’m very grateful to look back on a great time I had working and spending time with him during the last ten years. Thanks a lot, Francesco! We are preparing the General Assembly that was originally planned to take place in 2020 and now planned for November 2021. Therefore, we’re not only figuring out how to set up this as an online event considering that Covid-19 will not be defeated all over Europe by the end of the year and travelling might not be possible for all of the representatives of our members. Furthermore, the weeks before that General Assembly it is the time for our members to think about their involvement in the board of AMARC Europe as some of the positions have to be filled with new candidates. And, above all, that our organisation has to...

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Av den dec 5, 2017 i Auto |

Chris posted: ”AMARC Europe fully supports CUAC FM in their conflict with the regulatory authority and calls for all parties to support human and free media rights.   BRIEFING With this declaration we aim to defend the exercise of the freedom of speech thr”; background-repeat: repeat-x; background-color: #43A4D0; height:...

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